Friday, March 16, 2012

It's FRIDAY!!!!

Did you ever think you've looked at all the blogs you possibly could only to stumble upon TONS more?  Blog hopping is so much fun!  To see the multitude of ideas is sometimes overwhelming, but I find it really gets my creativity going.

Here's my "flowery" layout for today.

The flower was made sewing lace and gathering it.  For the center I just wrapped cording in a circle onto a piece of cardstock, gluing as I went, to keep it in place.  You can make them as large or as small as you want.  Easy peasy!  :)

The light blue flower was made with flowers on a lei that I found at a local store.  I singed the edges over a flame to give it the crinkly look.  I saw this idea on another blog and really wanted to try it.  This actually took a little practice!  Good thing I had lots of the flowers!  I burned some, others got too hot, crinkled them too much or I singed my fingers!  Ouch!

Finally I found out that by holding it about an inch above the flame, and moving it quickly, worked best for me.  After, I gathered and pinched the center of one flower, holding it together upright and hot glued it so it would create more of a center for the flower.

Have a wonderful day!
Polly  :)

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