Thursday, February 28, 2013

Paper Bag Album

Hi there!

I have a project to share with you that I submitted at Colorful Creations for the Song Challenge that I'm hosting for March (marsong6).

I decided on something different than my usual layout and I've been really wanting to make more mini albums... especially after seeing so many great tutorials out there!

So, here's the song and lyrics I've chosen for my challenge this month.  Can you just picture T. Cruise in the movie "Risky Business" dancing to these tunes with his white shirt and socks?  hee hee

Old Time Rock 'n' Roll by Boy Seger

 Just take those old records off the shelf
I'll sit and listen to 'em by myself
Today's music ain't got the same soul
I like that old time rock 'n' roll
Don't try to take me to a disco
You'll never even get me out on the floor
In ten minutes I'll be late for the door
I like that old time rock 'n' roll

Still like that old time rock 'n' roll
That kind of music just soothes the soul
I reminisce about the days of old
With that old time rock 'n' roll
Won't go to hear them play a tango
I'd rather hear some blues or funky old soul
There's only sure way to get me to go
Start playing old time rock 'n' roll
Call me a relic, call me what you will
Say I'm old-fashioned, say I'm over the hill
Today' music ain't got the same soul
I like that old time rock 'n' roll

Still like that old time rock 'n' roll
That kind of music just soothes the soul
I reminisce about the days of old
With that old time rock 'n' roll

My thoughts were to create just a few pages, but as I began printing out the photos, I ended up with way more than "a few!"  So, get ready for some fun pages!

Here's what I created:
Rather than use a series of photos of my scrap room or myself working at my desk, I decided to highlight portions of my favorite layouts previously created.  It was really hard to choose only these ones... since I have so many favorite layouts!

This is the front of my album.  These words from the song, "soothes the soul" really caught my eye and instantly I thought of "music" soothing the soul... but as I thought about it a bit more, I realized that scrapbooking continues to soothe MY soul.  It's my outlet... my way to "escape" from life for awhile and forget all the speed bumps in life.  It truly soothes my soul.

If it looks a bit wider than a "normal" paper bag... it is.  Instead of leaving the bag folded up, I pulled out the (pleats) on the sides and flattened it out which made it wider.  Just what I was looking for!

I used a portion of another bag to wrap around what will be my seam and used my eyelet hole maker for the holes on the sides to string the ribbon through and tie a bow.  I used distress stain on all the page edges and on the binding edge and misted all the pages.  Yup, I used a lot of mist... in fact, one bottle of my favorite is almost gone!  :(

I stayed with a general pattern throughout the album which made it easier to assemble.  I added lots of sequins, buttons, flowers and tags and ribbon on each page.  Why?  It's simple... these are my favorites!

Here's the album standing up.  Each page has a pocket in which I added even more photos of my favorites.  Each tag is the size of a 4x6 photo which was matted with pp on the backs of each one and ribbon added on the ends to easily pull out to look at.

Here's the page, in the middle of my album, where I decided to add a photo of me in my craft room... my all-time favorite place to be!

This is the back of my album.

Here's one of the tags.  Ribbon was stapled on each tag.

So that's my (mini) album.
Hope you liked it!

Sleeping Beauty

Hi there,

Well, if it's going to snow 6-8 inches it better get hopping!  With only a few flakes falling in spurts, it's no wonder that they said it was a "slow moving" storm.  

Here's my layout for today, which was submitted at Archi-scraps for their March Inspiration Challenge.  This is the inspiration photo:
This could be a "Hobbit house" or a fairytale house of some sort.  Either way, the challenge is to do a fairytale theme.

Here's what I created:
This is our daughter, after a long day at work, she curled up on our couch and fell asleep.

Supplies used:
Papers: Kraft, Momenta, DCWV
Martha Stewart Border Punch
Folk Art Paints: Brown, Black, Gray
Extreme Glitter Paint: Gold & Green
Extreme Paint: Tulip
Mister Huey's Color Mists: Clay & Gable Green
Perfect Pearls Mists: Perfect Pearls, Forever Green, Blue Smoke
Stencil for Clouds & Trees
Fringe Fabric
Flowers & Flower Pieces
Sticker Title: Miss Elizabeth's

It's had to see, but imagine "trees" on this background.  :)  Using a stencil and sponge brush, I dabbed a mixture of color mist and gesso onto my page, leaving it clumpy to hopefully look more like trees.  Another sponge brush with brown paint was dabbed lightly for the trees trunk.  Finally, I added glitter paint on the trees.  I realize now that I should've added a bit more color to the trees so they would show up better.
 My clouds were created using Extreme "Tulip" Paint which has flecks of different colors in it.  Using yet another sponge brush, I slathered this on really thick to try to represent fluffy clouds.

Here's a look at the right side of my page.  Below the trees is "the ground" which was lightly brushed with various paints.

The fringe was cut from an old scarf from a garage sale.  I loved the elegant pattern on it.  The fringes were a lot longer, so I shortened them.  Onto the Kraft paper I brushed brown and gray paint in a straight, horizontal motion, the added mists and glitter paint.

The yellow plastic pieces under the flowers were from the stamen of a larger flower.  I simply opened it up and placed it under each flower, which added a little interest to my page.  I chose the yellow based on the inspiration photo.  The flower centers are more flower pieces.

 These sticker letters fit perfectly with my page!  Not too often does that happen for me. 
Here's a better look at my flower trio.

 Because of all the green in the inspiration photo, I chose these green fuzzy thingies.  After fiddling around with them, trying to figure out where I wanted to place them, I realized I'd better hurry up because each time I touched them to move them, bits of them were falling off.  :)
The top portion of my page was swirled onto the Kraft paper with a mixture of color mist and gesso to represent the sky.

Here's a closer look at my puffy clouds.

All the papers were misted and glitter paint added for more of a fairytale theme.

A closer look at my flower.

Thanks for taking a look.
Hope you will visit again!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

At the airport...

Hi there,

Here's a layout that was submitted at Soul Scrappers for their "All Things Natural" Theme Challenge (THC59).   
The challenge was to use:
2 Handmade Embellies
Torn Paper
Punched Edges

Using a sketch from Stickers N Fun (Dec 2008), this is what I created:
This was a very anxious and stressful day for us all.  This photo was taken just minutes before Lynn left for the active zone.  It's taken me all this time to scrap this photo!  

Supplies used:
Paper: DCWV
EK Success Border Punch
Silk Fabric
Sizzix Leaf Die
Recycled Plastic
Mister Huey's Color Mist: Shine
Perfect Pearls Mists: Heirloom Gold
Sharpie Marker

I was checking out various sites on how to make these and couldn't stand it any longer... and had to make my own!  (This is not my own creation).  They're so easy to make.  Grab the scissors and cut different sizes of circles from silk fabric.  Now the fun begins... Get a flame going from a tea light candle... and hold the edges high enough over the flame so it singes the edges.  If you hold it too close it will catch fire (like I usually do).  You just want to melt the edges a bit so they get a little curl to them.  Just keep turning the circle until all the edges are singed.  And, FYI, I did catch some spots on fire but I was quick to blow it out so it didn't totally ruin my flower!  When all the circles are done, stack the layers and add a gem for the center... which could be a button, pearls or brads... whatever you would like.
 I used the plastic which is around a photo album when purchased.  It's thicker than other plastics... and perfect for using my Sizzix dies!
I did mist one side of the leaves but it doesn't show very well.

Here's a closer look at my flowers.

Fiber was added at the top of my journaling block and I also used a border punch along the bottom.

 I also used a border punch along the magenta cardstock and fibers were added on the other side.
Have a wonderful day!


Hi there,

It was a beautiful sunny day today... and the sun was even melting the snow!  Woo hoo!  We're getting closer to Spring!

Today's layout was submitted at Colorful Creations for their Member Spotlight Sketch Challenge (gdtmar).  Here's the sketch:

This is what I created:
Andrew created these flowers and smiley faces from recycled cereal boxes.  They're so cute!  He painted everything after and even the "flames" on the orange and black rose, which was inspired by our school's colors.

Supplies used:
Paper: Colorbok, DCWV
Sizzix Leaf Die
Vellum & Plastic Leaves
Gold Cording
Perfect Pearls Mists: Blue Smoke
Mister Huey's Color Mist: Shine
Cardstock Title
Ink: Color Box Blue Lagoon
The edges of the title was inked and matted on pp.

 The leaves were cut from gold patterned vellum and plastic (what was wrapped around a photo album when purchased).  I layered one over the other for some added interest.  The background paper, large single banner and smaller banner were misted with two different mists.
The banner was made using triangles from pp and cotton twill, wrapped around gold cording and misted.

Here's a closer look at the banner.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013



This layout was submitted at Home and Scrapped for their recent Blog Hop Challenge, which was to use a butterfly on your creation.

Using a sketch from Stickers N Fun (May 2007) this is what I created:
This is Scott, Andrew and I at the top of Katahdin.  It took us around 7 hours to get to the top and another 5 hours to get back down.  Yup, 12 hours of hiking and climbing.. and SO glad I had these two with me to share the accomplishment.

Supplies used:
Paper: Colorbok, DCWV, Other
Oval Cardstock
Sticker Letters
Sharpie Marker
Perfect Pearls Mists: Biscotti

I wrapped twine around a brad and knotted it at the other end.
 I found this tag in my stash and thought it fit in perfectly with my page.  I distressed the edges and added twine at the top (which you can't see in this photo).... scroll down to see more.

I matted my journaling block and added two silver butterflies.

 Here's a look at the misting on my background paper.

 The right side of my page.

 Here's a look at the left side.  The twine in the tag can be seen in this photo.

Thanks for taking a peek at my blog.
Hope you will visit again.