Monday, May 14, 2012

Total Annoyance!

Hi there!

Does anyone else have trouble with electronics?  
I thought I could deal with them well enough to get by.... guess I was wrong!!  This only solidifies that I don't do well with electronics!

A thumb drive/data stick should be easy to use, right?  Apparently, not for me!
I decided to dump all my pictures onto this new thumb drive -- for a few reasons.  The first being that I needed to get them off my computer!  The second is to store them all in one place.  And the third is because it would be nice to empty my memory cards so I can reuse them! 

I have quite a few memory cards.  The endless amount of photos on them is staggering!
You might be asking yourself why don't I just get them printed out.  Well, I STILL need to save my pictures somehow.  And, I have so many of them, that it would cost a small (maybe large) fortune to get them printed.  I know, I should have kept printing them out, but a lack of funds thwarted that real quick, and the pictures began building up.  It was cheaper to just buy the memory cards!

Ok, so.... I put the thumb drive into my laptop and everything is fine.  So I begin the process of dumping my photos onto my laptop then onto my thumb drive.  I got about 3,000+ transferred over..... or so I thought.
When I checked the thumb drive to make sure all the photos are there........ guess what?  The thumb drive is EMPTY!  You've got to be kidding me!!  And, I cannot even get my laptop to recognize it anymore!

Well, I got all my photos restored from the recycle bin.  Phew!  
Now I'm back to square one!
All those photos are on my laptop and I have 3 memory cards empty!
I have only one thing to be thankful for at this very moment..... my photos are not gone forever!
As for the thumb drive....... right now I want to smash it into a bazillion pieces!

Am I missing something?  Doing something wrong?

I may tackle it again when the steam stops shooting out of my ears!  
Or I may just find another way to save my pictures!
Either way, I feel the stress overloading me, so I think I'll just forget this whole process.... 
at least for awhile!

Now, onto a much better subject... a new layout.

Supplies used:
Paper: DCWV, Ink: A la mode Royal Blue, Stamp: Stampin' Up! In Full Bloom,
Lei flowers, seam binding rosettes, ribbons, elastic sparkle stretch cord (Dollar Store),
simulated pearls 

  Here's a close up of the stamping.

These flowers are so fun to make!  I start out with a small cardstock circle, then began the process of twisting the seam binding in a circle, hot gluing every so often to keep the ribbon in place.  I finished off the flower with a pearl in the center. 
I placed the flower on top of two lei flowers (which was originally a lei necklace from the Dollar Store).  
I placed a bow with the elastic cording between the flowers and ribbon under it all.  

Here's a close up of the pink flower.  Hope you like it!

Good day to ya!
Polly  :)

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