Thursday, March 29, 2012

Guess I Need to Enjoy Today Anyways

Hello everyone!
Weather in Northern Maine......... SNOW!
We got super spoiled last week when all the snow melted and it was in the 70's for several days.  I got so antsy to work in my gardens.  I loved relaxing and sitting out in the sun, with my faithful dog sitting beside me, panting like crazy!  Guess the heat was a shock for her system too!  

Well, I woke up this morning to about 3 inches of snow!  I can no longer see the grass or my veggie garden.  :(
Not to worry, we're on the down hill side of this weather and eventually these snow surprises will peter out and we will get Spring!  I'm waiting...... and NOT patiently either.  Sad to say "patience" is not my favorite thing.  I'm constantly working at it though, and that's really hard work too!

Anyhow, here's my layout for today.

I found this chipboard butterfly and thought it would be cute on this layout.  But, I had to do something with it....... so I just covered it with scrap paper from my layout, sanded the edges and added BLING!  I bent the wings up ever so slightly to give it some depth.  Ummmmmm, I know, it's pretty simple, but it works for my simple layout.

I've been trying to utilize my scraps better, so why not make cards with them, right?  I'm always looking over at my scrap pile and realized that it grows way too fast!  "I gotta do something with these!"
Mini scrapbook albums also use these scraps up quickly.  Yes!!  I have to get working on another mini album!!

I made these two cards from leftover scraps. 
I don't like saying it, but I always seem to need Sympathy cards.  Guess it's just not my favorite card to make, but it's always good to have some on hand.  

I hand cut a couple of the flowers and layered them with a circle in the center, which I sanded a bit then inked.  The ribbon was a super great find at the dollar store.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!
Polly  :)

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