Friday, June 15, 2012



I had a wonderful day making cards, which was long overdue!  My craft room had been calling my name for awhile now!  Nothing like cranking up the music and crafting!  I was able to get several cards done but I really want to make more.

And the best part........ I get to craft all day Saturday too!  What could be better than that, right?
So, if I can remember all the cards I've been wanting to make, I'm going to do some "cramming" and get as many as I can done.

I may do some cooking too.  Did I really say that?  I will have to think more about that.  
But Father's Day is coming up and I really should think about making something yummy for my hubby!

Today's photo isn't a card, but I wanted to share a funny photo with you.  
Last weekend a friend and I spent the whole day at garage sales.  It always is so fun!  We have such a good time.  Held once a year, the city holds a "City Wide Garage Sales" day(s).  This is the chance to stock up on all the crafting goodies I can find!  And I did find bunches of ribbons, lace fabric and satin fabric.  What a deal too!  Now my stash has been replenished!  That's a nice feeling.

Anyways, this year, the curbs were out to get me.  I could not get close to the curb without rubbing
 my tires and that's NOT a good thing!  
So, this one time, I tried really hard to get as close as I could to the curb without rubbing my tires against it.  

This is what I did.

I drove the car nice and easy and thought, "Yes, I finally got close enough!"
Then my friend gets out of the car and says, "Oh my word!  You have to see this!"
I immediately thought I rubbed my tires against the curb and something bad happened to my tires.

I hurry out of the car and there's my car, looking like it was levitating and then I saw the tires 
barely on the curb!  
How in the world did I do this?  My friend said she felt the car going up...... I didn't.

This is NOT considered "driving on the curb."  
No, I think this is "CREATIVE PARKING."
I don't think I could do this again even if I tried!

My friend asks, "Do you have your camera?"  
Yes I do, so I got a few pictures of this amazing feat!
Yes, I know, probably everyone says they can do this, and that it's nothing.  Really?
Can you get your tires (both of them) about an inch or less onto the curb?
If you can do this, I'd like to see a picture!

So that's my story for today.
Hope it got a laugh out of you.
Stay tuned......... cards are coming! 

Happy crafting!
Polly  :)

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