Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Moose Tracks

Hi there,
Since I'm posting this so late, it's now technically Wednesday, which is weird to me because
it still feels like it's Tuesday (because I'm still up)!

A couple days ago, before planting my garden, I saw these "holes" in my garden.  At first I 
thought "someone" walked through it....
Then, when I went out to take a closer look....... I realized it was a different kind of someone....
a couple of MOOSE traveled through my garden!

Every year, I get moose tracks through my garden, but usually AFTER I plant.  Then I have to try and salvage my seeds and seedlings and fill the huge potholes!
This year I guess they are travelling earlier.  I hope this doesn't mean that they will be making
"tracks" through my garden more than once!

This photo shows more than one set of tracks.  My guess is it's a momma and her baby.  I kinda
wish their trail was "beside" my garden instead of "through" it.

Thought I'd show you "some" of my flowers.  I really love my bleeding heart.  
Each year it gets larger and larger.  I think it's outgrowing it's original spot.

These are the flowers in one of my flower beds. 

I love these Iris plants.  I only wish they would last longer than a day or two, so I
could really enjoy them. 

FYI:  While gazing out my craft room window (I guess I'm going to say "yesterday"), I saw a 
SKUNK run across our street, onto our lawn, and GUESS WHAT?  He went right through my garden!

I'm beginning to think there is an imaginary trail running through my garden!

Hope you had a wonderful Tuesday!
Polly  :)

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