Friday, July 6, 2012

Did You Know?

Good morning!
It's Friday...... Yipeeee!

I found out, through research, that birds love strawberries!  Did you know that?

I couldn't believe it!  I kept seeing all sorts of birds that I've never seen before hopping around
in my strawberry patch and didn't think anything of it.  I kept hearing, "Birds don't eat strawberries."  
Well, YES they do!  The evidence is in my patch with NO strawberries!  When I
saw a few berries, which would be ready soon, I went out to pick them a day or so later and they
were all on the ground with bite marks on them!

I bought this inflatable ball, probably the size of a beach ball, from the seed
company which I buy seeds from each year.  Thing is, I bought this years ago and
never used it.  Well, after remembering I had it, I rummaged around in the garage
and finally located it.  Hubby drove the pole in the middle of my berry patch and I
attached my "Scare Eyes."

It's specifically made to keep birds out of your garden too!  It's bright yellow with huge
black "eyes."  I had to stick the silver Mylar eyes in the centers of the black spots.
Hang it up about 12 inches from the plants and reap the rewards!!  :)

Well, guess what?  After attaching my "Scare Eyes" yesterday, there are NO birds in my
strawberry patch or anywhere else in my garden for that matter!  HA!
  Yes, it sure sticks out in my garden, and I can't
wait to hear what neighbors and people driving by are thinking and going to say about that!

Don't get me wrong, I love birds.  And I loved watching the swallows flying around catching
all the bugs.  They're just getting a bit too friendly.  You see, I'm not fond of the birds deciding to "play a game" of, "Let's fly in one garage door opening and through the other," leaving their "waste" all over the garage and all over the side of my car!  Really?  So, we try to leave only one garage door open at a time.
And, I'm just not fond of birds from all over the area and beyond eating my strawberries!

OK, enough of that.
Here's my one-page layout for today.

No idea where this sketch came from.  Sorry.  There will be many "older" layouts this same way.
But, the newer layouts will have reference of where the sketches came from.  Yay!  :)

This is my grandson, Dylan and I.  One of my favorites.  Like his grampie, he
doesn't like to have his picture taken.  But, guess what, he does it anyway with me, 
because he knows how much I love to take photos and have photos taken!! 

Supplies used:
Paper: DCWV, Ki Memories
Heart: Hand drawn and cut
Ribbon, Staples
Fiskars Border Punch
Font: Cricut "Stamped"

 After attaching several strips of various papers, I attached a ribbon, folded here and
there and stapled in place.  It added a "little something" to the layout.

The heart was drawn free-style and hand cut.  I used my Cricut
for the title letters.

Looking more closely, you can see a small sample of the family photos I have along one 
wall in our living room.  There are really two rows on one side of the window, which is in the middle of the wall, and another two rows continued on the other side.  Randomly, in the middle of all the
photos I added some of my cross stitch projects.  I had to work them in there somehow!  I put
a lot of work into those and I wanted to display those too.

Have a wonderful day!
Polly  :)

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  1. So love that heart behind that sweet photo! Clever use of staples!