Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fun Photos From Boy Scout Camp

Hi there!  I'M BACK!
I had a wonderful week at Boy Scout Camp for seven days and with 11 boys from our Troop!

There were a total of about 200 boys from all over the State of Maine (and also from Connecticut & New Jersey).  The week before we got to camp, there were over 400 boys there!
There's never a dull moment, that's for sure!

I just had to share some photos from our week.  It was really hard to choose just these ones
because I took over 1,000 photos!  I thought I only took around 500 photos but when I downloaded
them onto my computer when I got home....... wow!

You may be wondering why I take so many photos.  Well, here are the reasons:

1.  Our Boy Scout Troop has a FB page, which I've set up.... Yay!
2.  Parents enjoy looking at them and seeing what went on at camp and what their
son was doing.
3.  And, anyone can view them.  You don't even need a FB account.  Just do a search of "Boy Scout 
Troop 179."
4.  I LOVE taking photos!  It's such a great way to preserve all those
wonderful memories!
5.  It's SO fun!

With the much needed "vacation" that I desperately needed, I'm ready to get back to crafting!
I've been checking out various challenges and I'm ready to go.... once I get all the laundry
done from camp and get some much needed naps!!   :)

I hope you enjoy the photos.  Take a break from crafting and enjoy something different!  :)

The campsite where we stayed.  This is only a portion of the cabins.
Such a beautiful place!  The boys had their pick of cabins and who was bunking
with who!  Some boys even opted to stay alone in their cabin.  

The boys were enjoying some free time and I decided to have fun too and take photos of them
having fun jumping and climbing on the rocks and playing games.

In this photo, I held up my camera and said, "Strike a pose, guys!"  I didn't know what to 
expect...... and this is what they did!  So funny!  Then all I hear is, "Let me see the picture!"
And, "Take another one!"

While I was sitting at the picnic table, this was the view that was in front of me.  The
peaceful lake, the mountains and trees with the sun peeking through.  Ahhhhhh!

Love this photo.  We were all headed to the dining hall.  The boys have to carry the
American Flag and our Troop Flag for breakfast and supper for assembly.

I climbed down the steep embankment (at our campsite) to sit on one of the huge rocks by the lake. 
My plan was to read for about an hour, but the view was just too breathtaking and the 
breeze was wonderful, so the photo session began..... 

The view as we entered our campsite.  Off to the far left is our eating area/meeting place, which has a picnic table inside and it's where we stored all our supplies (food items, First Aid Kit, Scout books, water bottles, lanterns, etc).

The first cabin you see after the eating area, is where Linda and I stayed.  And there's one more cabin beyond that where five boys squished into.

The hike to and from our campsite took about 10-15 minutes.
This is a portion of the path.

This is our Troop!  Love the timer on my camera!
Back row: Daniel, Alex, Garrett, Ben, Zach, Malcolm and Peng.
Front row: Linda-Scoutmaster, Airin, Wyatt, Otis, Tristan and Polly (that's me)-Assistant Scoutmaster. 

The beautiful dining hall.  
This is where we gather for assemblies three times each day at the flags, give our site reports,
bless the food and then gather into the dining hall to eat! 

Linda and I, laughing and having a great time! 

The beautiful view at the Waterfront.  The picnic tables were always occupied
at this area to just sit quietly, read the newspaper, snack (the camp store was nearby), watch the swimmers or enjoy the beautiful breeze! 

When they had a dessert that I couldn't eat (there were a lot), I would head to the store 
for the home made molasses cookies (made from a local small business owner).  Oh my word, those
were so delish!!  Yummy!  And every once in awhile I would get a bag of freshly made
popcorn too!

All the boys loved the store!  They had camp supplies, popcorn, freshly baked goodies,
sodas, water, ice creams, camp t-shirts, hoodies, merit badge booklets, various chocolate bars and many more items.

At the Nature Lodge I got to hold a baby snapping turtle.  He was such a cute little thing....
how could I resist?
We also got to see milk snakes, lizards, frogs, various hives, assorted bones and all
sorts of other fun things.  If any boys found a "weird" bug or small creature, they brought
it to the Nature Lodge and helped the instructors search through books to find out 
what it was.

This is a portion of inside the dining hall.  The camp offices were also located here.
Each campsite had their own "mail box" and I would pick up the daily newspaper
and other notes the camp staff may have included in our box.

Another great view on a beautiful, sunny day. 

The "Canoe Swamp" is held each year.  All the boys look forward to this fun
event!  Two canoes are side by side with adults on the ends of each canoe, trying to 
keep them upright.  Each boy is given a metal bucket (with holes in it).  When the signal is given, the boys
throw water with the buckets into their opponents canoe trying to "swamp" it.  The canoe that
sinks first is outta luck...... because the canoe that didn't sink is the winner!
All the spectators are behind the waterfront fence, wildly cheering their team on.

I added the WRONG photo, as this one shows our Troop losing!  Ugh!
This was actually the ONLY one they lost.  They went on to win the championship for 
this event!

Hope you enjoyed the photos.  I just had to share because it's so fun!
Have a wonderful Sunday!
Polly  :)

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  1. What a beautiful camping place to take all the boy scouts. They would have had so much fun!