Friday, July 13, 2012

Our "Flat Daddy"

Good morning!

Well, I've hit my breaking point and I'm ready to escape everything for awhile!
I'm so ready to get away and get my mind set on "other things" for a much
needed change.
Looking forward to some everyday laughter and taking tons of photos!

Ok, here's my layout for today.

Before Scott was deployed the military took pictures of everyone and 
gave these "flat daddy's" out to them, mostly for kids to be able to "still be with their dad/mom."

But I treasured this "flat daddy" also..... simply because he is my hubby!
I did a lot of traveling during the time Scott was deployed and "Scott" went
with me in my travels.  He was always in the back seat.  I remember some of
the "looks" I would get and everyone would literally do a "double-take" when
they saw Scott in the backseat!!  Most times he would even be seat belted!  After all,
I didn't want him flying all around back there!  :)

On this occasion, it was Andrew's birthday and Lynn and Dylan came over.  I saw the
opportunity and ran with it!  Even though the bottom photos are blurry, it's still
a precious memory that I will treasure forever.  I love the photo of Dylan with his Grampie!  
It's just so cute!

Pretty simple layout and not a lot of supplies were used or needed, as I wanted to
keep the focal point on the photos and the title.

Supplies used:
Paper: White Cardstock, Other Unknown
Font: Cricut "Stamped"
Sharpie Marker
Circles: Traced with Template and Hand Cut

Here's the close up of the layout title.

Have a wonderful day!
Polly  :)


  1. You made my day "wonderful," Polly! Sharing this layout about "flat daddy" had me again being reminded how precious our freedom really is, and how many families give so much. I come from a long-line of military men, which then extended to my son who was in the Gulf War. My humble hat is off to your family!

    1. What kind words! Thank you, Kay!

  2. I love your post on 'Flat Daddy', what a great idea for the army to that for the kids :)