Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gotta Love Fresh Veggies!!

Hi there,
I just realized that I haven't posted for awhile.
Yikes!  Time sure has a way of flying by!

I've been happily eating peas out of my garden.... every day!  Eventually I'll have to
actually PICK them for freezing!  And my string beans are ready to be picked too, ready
to be prepared for canning.  The trick is to actually set aside some time to do this!

And, I've been helping with an Eagle Scout Project that one of our boys is working on in Boy Scouts.
I love to paint, so this is right up my alley!  Except for today, we used Primer.
Yup, you guessed it.... I got it all over me!  My legs, arms and because I took off my flip flops, 
the bottoms of my feet!  Now I'm wondering how in the world
I'm going to get this Primer (Red) paint off me!  Ugh!
After trying a couple solutions my hubby "thought" would work, but didn't, I'm thinking it may be
best to just let it "wear off!"  Guess I won't be going too many places for a few days!!  :)

Two Peas in a Bucket had a challenge (the deadline was August 4, 2012) in which I
participated in.  Challenges are so fun..... and I love how they get me motivated to scrap those photos!

The challenge was the "Multi-Photo Challenge" using 3 or more photos on your layout.
Here's the link to their site:

For this challenge I used two different layouts from Let's Scrap simply because I liked the photo layout on one and the page layout on the other, so I combined them.

Here are the two sketches I chose:

I used the page layout on this one.

And on this one I used the photo placement.

And this is the layout I created:

I took so many photos of our Allagash Waterway canoe trip.  It was really difficult
to choose only five photos!  

The Boy Scouts wanted to canoe the Allagash to earn the 50-Miler Patch.  So, for
seven days we canoed... and canoed... and canoed!
We encountered some hard rains and windy weather, but we also had tons of fun!
We camped at several different campsites, enjoying the beautiful, peaceful scenery while
creating many fantastic memories.
We saw a Bald Eagle high in a tree, watching us and a couple Moose in the water, for awhile
anyways, until they saw us, then would head back to the privacy of the trees!

Some days we canoed up to 12 miles, which was so pretty on calm waters.
One of the things we had to do as earning the 50-Miler Patch was to do a
conservation project.  We had to remove a huge tree stump in the middle of the
campsite.  The boys worked so hard, in the rain, chopping away at this stump for hours!
In the end, the campsite looked so much better with that stump removed and the ground
all smoothed over.  The photo above shows us standing around where the stump was.

Blistered hands... that's what I got.  I have a very bad habit of turning the paddles in my
hands continually while paddling.  Why?  I don't know.  I only know that after awhile, my hands started to get sore, then the blisters came.  There was nothing else to do but wrap them up and continue
on!  Wrapping them really helped and some of them actually healed before we
got back home!  :)  I seriously need to STOP turning the paddles when canoeing! 

The boys were SO excited to earn their 50-Miler Patch, which made the trip all worthwhile!

Supplies used:
Paper: DCWV, White Textured Cardstock: Colorbok
Leaves: Sizzix Leaf Die
Big Shot
Self-Adhesive Metal Piece: Colorbok
Sun: Traced die cut and hand cut, layering two different ones
Sharpie Marker (for journaling)

The sun was created with two different papers layered slightly off each other, then the
tips were curled a bit.  This photo also shows the blocking on my layout.

 Ribbons on the right side of the title block added some interest.

The left side of my layout.  The title is from an actual photo of the 50-Miler Patch.  I
printed it out on cardstock and layered various papers as a border around it and the final 
touches were the ribbons and the sun.

The left side of my layout.  The bottom left of the layout shows all of us huddled
in our canoes, all holding onto each others canoe so they wouldn't drift
away while the photo was being taken by the Park Ranger/Guide who kindly
took the time to take this photo of us.  

Now you can actually read my journaling! 

I found this metal piece in my stash and thought the waves matched really well
with the theme of my layout. 

I tucked the  stem of the leaves under the photo, letting it "drape" over the 
journaling a bit.  The leaves were folded in a bit to give it some interest.

Have a wonderful day!
Polly  :)

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