Friday, October 26, 2012

Today Was Supposed to be My Crafting Day

Hi there,
I planned on creating some layouts today, but because of the beautiful, sunny day, I
ended up cleaning out a portion of the garage.  I say "portion" because I can only clean
my side.  The world will go topsy-turvy if I touch my hubby's side of the garage... with all
those tools and other things he "collects" and puts it in "just the right spot" so he will forget
where it is when he goes looking for it!  

So I organized my side and swept the whole garage.  Then I tackled another pile of "stuff" that needed some
desperate organization--Boy Scout stuff.  Wow, what a disaster that is!  I sorted out as much as
I could and consolidated other things.  All the photos and random papers, notebooks, etc.
is in my house so I can begin the painstaking process of making some sort of order with
it all!  Ha!  My goal is to document our Troop's history... all chronological by years.  
I have a feeling this is going to take me probably the whole winter!!  :) 

Then I decided to give our huge dog a bath.  She was long overdue and with her being
sick most of these days, today was a good day for her, so in the tub she went.
Yes, I give our dog a bath in the tub.  There are no tubs big enough for her, to be able to set outside
and bathe her in, which is what I would've loved to do.
You may think this is an easy chore.  Wrong!  
Our dog is funny... she will walk right into the tub filled with water, but as soon as she
gets in there, she's trying to get out!  So, the challenge begins... of keeping one hand on her
while the other hand scrubs and rinses!  I'm totally tuckered out after this!
Then I have to steer her right for the door to go outside and do all her shaking!

I'm not done yet!  Then I have to clean the whole bathroom.. disinfect and scrub and wash and...
well, you get the picture!  
On the plus side... my bathroom is once again clean and sparkly!  :)

Ok, for today I have just two layouts.  

The first one is entitled "Swim Lesson 101" which was submitted to Colorful Creations for their Twisted Blueprints #11 (twistedsep) Challenge.

Another goal of mine.  I was going to learn how to swim!  I took private swimming
lessons for almost a year... and I couldn't do much more than when I started!
I'm not sure if it was the instructors (which switched several times) or if it was just
me, being my usual scared of the water!  Well, I shouldn't say "scared" of the water...
I just don't like to be in water over my head.  Is that being scared of the water?
When it looked like the instructors were frustrated with me and didn't know what to proceed
with next in my teachings, I decided, to my dismay, that I needed to stop the
lessons.  Guess this was a challenge that I couldn't complete!  Bummer!

Supplies used:
Paper: DCWV, White Cardstock
Martha Stewart Circle Cutter
Tag: Paper Pizazz
Hole Punch
Bubble Wrap
Folk Art Paint
Font: Cricut Stamped
Sanding Block
Pop Dots
Sharpie Marker

Here's a closer look at the lace which was adhered around the circle.
Decorative trim was used for the tag... and gems and brads were also added.

The edges of the photos were sanded.  A small piece of bubble wrap was dipped in 
paint and dabbed onto the white cardstock circle. 

I added the "101" onto the larger photo circle.  A also added decorative trim
around one of the middle circles.

I used pop dots under the two smaller circles.

My next layout is titled, "our SNOW DOG" which was also submitted at
Colorful Creations for their Scrap Lift Challenge (Augustlift).
I chose a C.C. sketch and rotated it counter clockwise.

After hours of playing in the snow and trying to catch snowballs in the air, this is
what she looks like when she comes in.  I'm sure these snowballs get heavy and start
pulling on her fur, then she starts biting at them before they even begin to melt!
Puddles appear everywhere!

Supplies used:
Paper: DCWV
Rosettes: Hand made
Twill: Forever in Time
Ink: A la mode Black
Sanding Block
Folk Art Paints: Black, Silver & Yellow
Rifle Cleaning Brush
Font: Cricut Stamped
Circle Brads
Corrugated Cardboard (cut into a circle)
Decorative Cardstock: Creative Memories (traced & hand cut)

 The title letters were cut on a piece of DCWV glitter cardstock.  Love their paper!!

A little snowflake was adhered on top of the "O" because it fit the theme of snow so well. 

These paint marks were used with a couple of things.  First, my hubby gave me his
rifle cleaning brush, which created the cute dot markings.  Next, I cut a piece of
corrugated paper into a circle and dipped it in paint and dabbed it onto my page, for
these lines markings.

Cute ribbon was added across the lower part of my layout. 

These rosettes were made using decorative ribbons.  I hand stitched along one edge
of the strip of ribbon and gathered it until the center comes together.  Brads were
used for the centers.

Creative Memories has decorative cardstock in various shapes.  I purchased several
packages so I have many shapes to choose from.  Rather than use them on my layouts,
I use them as templates.  Trace onto whatever paper you'd like, cut and ta da!!
The edges were lightly sanded.

A better view of my paint markings. 

Love how this turned out.  I may have to try this again!

Have a wonderful day!
Libby  :)

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