Monday, April 22, 2013

FUN Challenge!

Hi there,

Another COOL day!  I'm so anxious for Spring to really be here!  Actually, forget Spring this year... I WANT SUMMER!  Which means WARM weather (I hope)!
I am so over this COLDness!!

I got my seeds planted in flats of dirt today and they're in the sunniest window in the house.  Nothing like seeing the little seedlings popping out of the ground!

Ok, now on to the REAL reason for my post.

Here's a fun challenge site that you have to check out.  I love participating in each month's challenge and I know you will love it too!

FROM SCREEN 2 SCRAP has a different challenge each month, drawing inspiration from a movie poster.  Seriously, it's only ONCE a month... so you have LOTS of time to hop on over there and maybe get enticed enough to try it.  And, I bet you'll get hooked!

It's so fun to go through all the photos you have (and I know you have lots... because I have a ginormous amount of them)... and find one that reminds you of the movie poster challenge.  

Here's April's Movie Poster Challenge:

Does anyone else remember this movie, other than me?  It's such a funny movie... sure to make you laugh... and we all know I LOVE TO LAUGH!  Or, even if you don't really know me... it's true. :)

And the extra criteria for this challenge is easy:

 1pt = Green and Purple cardstock
2pts = The word 'FREAKY' in your title
3pts = A cut out figure/s on your page

Have you checked it out yet?  What are you waiting for?
Head on over to From Screen 2 Scrap now... and enjoy the site and fun challenge.

I hope to see your linked layout there soon!

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