Saturday, May 4, 2013

My Craft Room

Hi there!

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!  
What have you done (craft-related) today?

I went to a Scrapbooking Convention and had SO much fun checking out all the ideas and of course.... the best part... SHOPPING!  I was also very happy about not having to drag someone else with me (... such as hubby and our grandson)!!  Woo hoo!  All ME time!!  I wasn't rushed and it was amazing!  I gotta remember that next year... GO BY MYSELF!!  :)

I'm fortunate that my hubby will even go with me (begrudgingly)... such as last year.  He actually walked around with me as I drooled at all the cool items... showing him this and that while he just shook his head and rolled his eyes!!  But then the reality of it all sets in and he starts rushing me.

Let's face it... I just can't be RUSHED at a Scrapbooking Convention!!  Can you?

Anyhow, today, I'm participating in the ARTastic Challenge Blog (Inter)National Scrapbooking Day Fun!!

There are 3 chances for a prize (THREE)!  I love the chance to win prizes!

1.  Take a photo of your scrappy place. (I have done... see below)

2.  Answer this question in the comments section of their post, "When I am Scrapbooking I..." (I have done)

3.  Like them on FB and comment on their FB page. (I have done)

So, here's a photo of my scrapbook room.  This is only a small portion of my small room.  But it's my space and I love it!  Of course I would love a larger room... but, oh well.

Now that I look at this photo, I see that it doesn't really look that bad!  I'm trying to figure out which challenges to participate in... thus all the folders full of projects to do. Yup, I'm always busy with projects of some sort!  I even have clips on my curtains to hold papers that I need to work on... and calendars for two months at a time... so hopefully I won't forget about something!

Let's face it... I have a LOT of stuff!  Who doesn't?  How can you get creative and try all sorts of new things without a LOT of stuff?  And I love ALL my stuff!

Unfortunately, I haven't gotten a chance to craft.  I was too busy shopping... then when I came home, I saw the flooring completely finished in our new addition!  How cool!

Then our grandson wanted to toss the ball with me.  ME!  I haven't played toss in... well... forever!
So we tossed a ball until we were both too tired to continue and sweating terribly!
I got the best laughs out of him though... and that made it all worth it.  

Here's a short story (for those of you who know me... I always have a story):

I was telling Dylan that I don't like to miss the catch, because I don't like running for the ball.  He started off tossing it really good and I caught it every time, but then he started laughing.  I just ignored him and we kept tossing the ball and I kept missing the catch.  Ugh!

Then he tells me, "I can't even throw the ball because I'm laughing so hard!"
ME:  What are you laughing at?
ME: Are you laughing at me?

Dylan: Yes!  
Then he says, "Grammie, this is you!"  As he demonstrates what I do after I catch the ball.  And he starts laughing even more!

You see, when I catch the ball, I immediately throw it back to him... sort of like a hot potato!  There's no thinking about where to throw it... I just throw it mere seconds after I catch it!  This is what I used to do growing up.  Everyone from around our neighborhood would gather to play baseball right across the street where I used to live (which was a huge field) every day during the summer!  And I had to hurry up and throw the ball as soon as I caught it (I used to have the tendency to hold on to it for too long).

As I was explaining this to Dylan, he says, "Ya, I can tell!"

Yup, fun times with our grandson!  :)

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. What a fantastic narrative Libby!! You need to scrapbook all that!!
    I love the messiness of your is ful of creativity!!
    Thanks for playing along at ARTastic!