Saturday, April 14, 2012


Hello everyone!
Happy Saturday!
My day was turning out OK, except for the fact that I got up earlier than I really wanted to on a Saturday!  Yes, I LOVE to sleep in EVERY morning!  And, I'm very thankful that I can do this.

Since I'm a leader with our local Boy Scout Troop, I was helping with our annual fundraiser of wood (cutting, splitting, delivering and stacking it).  Today was Phase 1 of splitting the wood.

Then it happened!  That wood splitter attacked my finger (not really, but that's what I'm saying)!  OUCH!  While lifting a rather large piece of wood onto the wood splitter (with our other leader, the Scoutmaster), I jammed my ring finger between the wood and the metal piece.  Wow!  Thought I'd better check it out and took off my glove.  I don't think I ever saw something turn purple and swell up so fast! 

If you've never had to deal with a wood splitter, you're one of the lucky ones!  After 5 years, I'm well aware of the dangers of it and where to place your hands and NOT place your hands so digits don't get chopped off (ewwww)!  And to NOT let the boys work the handle on it..... only the adults get to do this.  Trust me, I've pinched my fingers plenty of times while piling the wood.... and that hurts bad enough!  I think I need THICKER gloves!   I tell my hubby this every year.  Do they even make them thick enough for people who keep pinching and smashing their fingers??   :)

Needless to say, that was the end of helping out for today!  I had to wrap it in ice for a couple hours.  The swelling has gone down and the purple is not so purple.  I think I'll be ok!  Phew!

Here's my layout for today.

Supplies used:  DCWV paper (my favorite go-to paper), White cardstock: ColorBok, Prima flowers, coffee filters, lace fabric, cheesecloth and seam binding ribbon, Sizzix flower die, simulated pearls.

This is the flower that was made with coffee filters and lace fabric.  So easy and fun!
And the "leaves" were made with seam binding ribbon which I braided then glued the ends together.  I added a Prima flower and cheesecloth underneath.  

I used a strip of braided seam binding and let it "hang" down, then added Prima flowers.  I used simulated pearls for the centers of two of the flowers, and I knotted a strip of cheesecloth to use in the center of another flower.
The leaves were cut out of seam binding.  I folded  it in half and hand cut each leaf.  I added a dot of hot glue at one end of the leaf, pinching them together to give the leaves some depth.  Then I glued them where I wanted, under each flower.

The center of this flower are two yellow flowers.  The center needed more than just one yellow flower, so I scrunched another yellow flower and glued it in place, with the hope of making it look a little fuller.

Here's a closeup of the braided seam binding leaf.  I moved the flower petals to get a better view.  :)
Really love how pretty these turned out!  I think I may try this again!

Have a wonderful day and thanks for checking out my Blog!
Polly  :)

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