Sunday, May 20, 2012

"I SPY" (3rd photo down)

Hello there!
Hope you're all having a fantastic day!

I finally got out in my strawberry patch to remove the weeds!  I really think some of those roots grow to the center of the earth!  I must have been a sight, loosening the dirt around the infamous dandelion, then with both hands, pulling and pulling!  Finally, it would come out of the ground and I
would almost fall over backwards!  
I don't mind dandelions on my lawn, but boy are they a pain (and for my back too) when they're in my gardens!  That's where they seem to grow most efficiently!!

Good news though.... I finished my strawberry patch!  And I even tackled a small spot of flowers near the steps to the entrance of our house.
I should have taken a 'before' and 'after' photo.  You would have been amazed!

Not so good news..... I got a burn on my shoulders.  It isn't bad, thank goodness!
This is the time of year when I always burn.  After the initial shock of sun to my body with a burn, then I begin to tan.  I know.... I know...... it's so bad to burn!

Sunscreen?  Nah!  Only when I'm going to be outside all day.  
So.... maybe tomorrow I'll use a little sunscreen.  I plan on being outside all day!  :)

Well, here goes.  The issue I have with sunscreen is that it works SO GOOD that I NEVER tan!
I'm seriously WHITE and I don't look so deathly when I have just a little tan.  I don't care to get so tan that I look leathery (or like that woman that's hooked on tanning beds... which was plastered all over FB and the news.... ya....she was a beauty (NOT)!!  Ewwwww!  Did you hear about that?
I only wish the sun to tan my legs, arms and face.  
My face is a little harder to tan, as I always wear face lotion with sunscreen.... and my foundation has sunscreen also.  

Ok.... onto more fun stuff.
Here's my one-page layout for today.
Supplies used:
Paper: DCWV, White textured cardstock: Colorbok,
Rub on (unknown brand), Chipboard, Ribbon, Watercolor pencil,
Adhesive ribbon: Forever in Time, Prima flowers, Gems, Silver wire ribbon, Brads 

A close up.  A piece of chipboard was turned over to reveal the white side 
(the other side had a design on it, which I didn't want to use).  Then I used a  fancy rub on over it.  Silver wire ribbon was laced through the holes in each end of the chipboard and the exposed ends were cut.  Flowers were layered on one section of the chipboard then gems and a brad were added for the centers.

 My Father's Day card!!  
Since Father's Day will sneak up on me.... I thought it best to 
work on one of these now.  Yes, only one card for now (I only have one hubby)!!!  

Supplies used:
Paper: DCWV, White cardstock, brown satin ribbon, maroon ric rac,
Stamp (unknown), Ink: Vivid! Brown, pop dots, the tie was cut out of the
DCWV patterned paper

Let's play "I SPY!"  Can you see him?
We had a little visitor today.  After our dog, Zoe, alerted me that "someone" was on "her" property (uninvited), I scouted the area and found this little guy!  
I think Zoe scared him!  :(
After he calmed down a bit, he looked so cute just sitting there among my flowers, 
watching our every move!
I made Zoe walk with me while I took pictures, because I didn't want her to chase the little guy.  I wanted her to know it was OK and to NOT hurt him!  But, I could tell Zoe did not want anyone on her property, especially one who was getting all the attention, which she didn't take too kindly to either!

I got a pile of pictures of this very photogenic animal!  
Do you know what it is?
I've been told groundhog, woodchuck or gopher.  How do you tell the difference between them?
I don't know.  But I would like to know the name of our little visitor.

We won't have issues as long as he doesn't make a home under our porch or under our shed!

When all was quiet, he scurried back across the road (almost getting hit in the process, while I was holding my breath watching him) and then dived into a hole under the neighbor's porch!  Zoe ran to the edge of our property, watching him and making sure he left "her" property promptly!"

After a hot day, Zoe and I relaxed with a Popsicle! 
Yes, I gave her a popsicle..... after all, she was hot too!  
This picture is so cute, especially how she was holding the stick so she could eat the popsicle!  (As soon as the popsicle was off the stick, I threw the stick out because I didn't want her to eat it!)

It's tiring for a dog to watch her owner weed and weed and weed!  
She isn't allowed into my veggie and flower gardens, so as I make my way around the garden, she follows me and lays down the closest to the edge and as close to me as she can get.  And she won't step into the gardens at all.  When she's tired of all this "work" she's doing, she stares at me and whines a time or two.  That's my cue, and we both go inside for awhile!  And when I'm ready to go back out, she is too!

Have a great Sunday!  
Thanks for checking out my Blog and I hope you enjoy it!
Polly  :)

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