Sunday, June 24, 2012


I have to tell you about yesterday.  I thought it was going to be a good day, but that was only a
 figment of my imagination!
I'm calling it a day from "way down under."

Ever have one of those days?
And why do things happen in "clusters" like that?  ONE thing at a time would be so much easier to deal with.  But then again, I suppose, getting it all over at once may be a good thing too....... I think!!

So here it goes....

First, our dog left us a "surprise" first thing in the morning.  I just loved waking up
to see that!  She's 9 years old and I can count on one hand how many times she has done that in our house.

Only a couple hours later, our cat started meowing like crazy.  Of course, I didn't
know what had gotten into her....
Until I saw her "pawing" at her cat bed.  Curious, I went to check....
She had peed in her bed!

By now I'm really thinking I needed to go back to bed!

Thinking that it was time to clean the litter box, I head down cellar....
Oh my word......... our cellar was FLOODED!

After I get over the shock of that....... I call my hubby.  This is exactly what I said,
"I need your help!  The dog pooped, the cat peed and the cellar is flooded!"

We had 3 extra sump pumps.  Do you think at least one of them would work?  NO!
That would have been way too easy..... and concluded my story.

So, off to our local store and hubby buys a NEW one!  This should work for awhile.
The whole point of having extra sump pumps was to have backups.  Yeah, OK!

The reason our cat couldn't go to the bathroom was because the cellar was flooded.
The dog.... we have no answer for her little mishap.

So, while our cellar has finally been emptied, our cat begins meowing like crazy again.
So, I pick her up and bring her down cellar.  (I'm not too anxious to pick up another mess!)

Well, the pumping of the sump pump is so loud, it freaks out the cat and she starts hissing and 
growling and all four paws are sprawled out (all this going on with me holding her with one hand).  This was really something for Funniest Home Videos!  If only someone else had been videoing it!
She still has back claws, which I discovered later on my t-shirt, which had 4 nicely rounded little holes on one side where her claws connected.  

I had enough by now!  I went into my craft room and stayed there the rest of the day!

I wish I could say it ended there.  Little things kept happening while in my craft room, things that would truly annoy anyone.  But still I stayed there!  

When I finally came out of my craft room, I decided I needed something printed out on our 
wireless printer, which is downstairs. 

The printer doesn't work!  All of a sudden it doesn't recognize the IP address or the password!
After fighting with this for awhile, I decided to turn it off and give up for the day!  
I'm done playing!

Never was I SO glad to go to bed and end this ridiculous day!

Please tell me I am not the only one who has days like this.  
There HAS to be someone else who has miserable days.

Thank goodness today is a much better day.  Calm and low-keyed (unlike myself)!!
Got a headache (must be from the over-stimulation of yesterday), took a nap and now I'm all better! 

And, here's my card for today.  Hope you like it.

I'm trying to use paper that I haven't even looked at in awhile.  I actually
found papers that match from different brands!
I bought the flourish die at a craft fair for a wicked good price.  I just love good deals, especially on craft stuff!  I wondered where I could use it, or if I ever would use it.  I knew "something" else was needed in the sentiment area of this card to make it pop a little more.  This is what I came up with.

Supplies used:
Paper: DCWV, White Cardstock, Other
Cuttlebug Embossing Folder
Nestabilities Scalloped Ovals
Big Shot
Swirls: Sizzix Corner Flourish Die
Sentiment (unknown)
Ink: Adirondack Purple Twilight

Have a wonderful day!
Polly  :)

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