Sunday, September 23, 2012

This BOY is NEVER bored!

It's late, but I'm posting anyhow.  

Even though I was looking forward to having a "scrapping" weekend, I ended up
cleaning and baking!  Not quite sure how I veered off course so badly!  Hee hee!

But it was great to have some homemade rolls!  And my baked beans.  Yum!!!
I haven't made rolls in awhile, and decided instead of making 8 loaves of bread, I would make
6 loaves and have a pan of rolls.  Mmmmm... Mmmmm... Good!

Ok, here's my layout for today.
Colorful Creations was having a sketch challenge (gdtaugust)

Here's the sketch:

And here's my layout:
I rotated the sketch clockwise to better fit my photo.

 He's such a funny boy!  He was walking around just looking for something to do!  I would have
never guessed this is what he'd end up doing!
I was sure glad to have my camera handy.  Actually, whenever Dylan visits, I make sure to have my
camera at the ready.... for that one perfect shot!  And this is a great example! 
A better view of my journaling is below.

Supplies used:
Paper: DCWV, Colorbok
Bubble Wrap Ink Spots
Ink: Vivid! Teal
Sanding Block
Font: Cricut Stamped
Sharpie marker (for journaling)

I decided to cut "Boy" in different paper, to make it stand out more. 

Here's my journaling block. 

 The various ribbons I used.

 You get a better view of the ribbons I used as well as my bubble wrap inking.

I used a small piece of bubble wrap, pressed it into the ink and gently pressed it onto the 
cardstock.  Love the look of this!  Thank goodness I have LOTS of bubble wrap to 
experiment with!  :)

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday!
Libby  :) 

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