Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Zoe & Geri

It's been a long day today and I'm exhausted!  Up early for an appointment 45 minutes
away from where we live.  
Then, I really needed to do "something" about the new phone I got.  It was driving me crazy!
All the annoying little things were really getting to me.  Like how I had to "flick" a button and then
press another button just to access my phone, and how it would not vibrate and then ring, even
though it was set to do just that.  The most annoying..... I set all my ring tones (which really
takes time) and they would just "disappear" and go back to my general ring tone.  Grrrr!
And the last annoyance, texting was like typing on a new keyboard with the keys all in different places
from the norm.  I would be typing away, and when I looked back to see what (I know) I typed,
everything would be jibberish!!  Good grief, how in the world did that happen?

So, I went back to the phone carrier and I missed the 15 day trial by ONE day!  You've
got to be kidding me!  But I don't like this phone!  So, she went to talk to her boss and
thank goodness, if I bring everything back TODAY, they would swap it out!  This meant
another trip one hour away (to and from), but it was well worth it!  Back to a brand that I know and love!  :)

Well, today I have a layout which was entered in Colorful Creations
The challenge was to create a layout using white plus one BRIGHT color AND flowers (AUGPLUSONE).

The sketch was my own creation.  This is what I came up with.

Our "girls" Zoe and Geri.  A duo that are so funny!  I believe in this photo, Geri heard a 
noise she hadn't heard before and was "sneaking" over to investigate where it was coming from, while
Zoe was wondering what her problem was!

How I created my layout:
On the back of the lime green patterned paper, I used a ruler and eyeballed each line before
penciling them and hand cutting each strip.  Then I removed the "middle" strips and placed the
others where I wanted them on the page and adhered them.

I really didn't think this would turn out like I planned, but I really love this layout!  I'll have to
try it again at some point.  It was really easy too!  :)
Just think of all the possibilities for this type of layout using all those strips!

Supplies used:
Paper: DCWV, White Textured Cardstock: Colorbok
Satin Ribbon Rosette: Hand Made
Seam Binding Ribbon Rosette: Hand Made
Folk Art White Paint
Twilling Tool
Flower Centers: Twilled Paper Strips 
Prima Flowers

I painted the chipboard letters white. 

 Here are a few photos of the flowers from different angles so you can really see 
what I did with this grouping.

I used wide ribbon for the above satin rosette, and folded the ribbon in half before
using a needle and thread to sew along one edge and gather it to form the flower.

I used my twilling tool to grasp the tiny strips of paper (which I cut) and create a 
circle and when completed I let the circle unwind to the size I wanted before adhering
them to the centers of the flowers.  I thought this made a cute flower center! 

A close up of the chipboard letters.  The letters were actually different colors, so painting
them was something I really had to do!  :)

Have a wonderful day!
Libby  :)

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