Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Good morning!
The sun is shining so it's going to be a GREAT day!!  :)

Or so I thought!  I started this post earlier this morning and now it's late in the evening and I'm
finally finishing it!
I decided to call HP about our printer that decided to stop working and make the
most annoying grinding noises instead.  It kept wanting to feed the paper through it
until it jammed and would feed it through some more all the while making those
horrible noises!
After cutting off one person and hanging up on another, I eventually had to speak to someone
I could actually understand!  But it wasn't as simple as that!  He had to walk me
through this "process" of trying to check the printer over.... and over... and over again!
I was SO annoyed!  Seriously, how in the world would I know if something "didn't look
right?"  Really?  And it still made noises.
Now that all the steps were completed I got to speak to yet another person
who told me I would be getting a BRAND NEW, STRAIGHT FROM THE
FACTORY printer!  
Was I hearing this right?  This is what I wanted to do OVER 2 HOURS AGO!!!
Yes, over 2 hours on the phone.... the whole time I'm boiling and spitting fire!
Was it really necessary to go through such a long process to FINALLY get what I wanted?
Good grief!
Needless to say, we're BOTH quite anxious to send our "lemon" printer back to
the company AFTER we receive our new one!

If that didn't consume my day enough, I had to run errands.  Nothing is more time consuming
than running errands!  Stop here, stop there, stop here, stop there!  Ugh!

Ok, now that I've vented..... and BTW, thanks for listening, I'll continue on with my post!  :)

Today, I have a layout from a sketch challenge at Let's Scrap http://letsscrap.ning.com/.
The deadline for submissions is TODAY!

This is what I created:
These photos were taken on our family vacation to visit my sister in Nebraska.
We were touring the city of Omaha.  It's beautiful!!

A couple of the photos are of us taking a ride over the entire Omaha Zoo.  This was
incredible!  Seeing all those wonderful animals from above was truly a unique sight!
Of course, we walked around the city too, which was amazing!  And, my usual
shots of everyone walking ahead of me.... except in one of the photos, you can see my shadow!  
I didn't notice that until I began scrapping them.  How cool is that?
Then I had my sister turn around so I could get a picture of her and her daughter and
she pulls our her camera too, so we can get a photo of each other taking a picture!
Her daughter didn't have a camera, but she pretended that she did!  So cute!

Supplies used:
Paper: DCWV, Colorbok
Circle: Traced & Hand Cut
Sanding Block
Martha Stewart Border Punch
Ink: A la mode Purple
Diamond Stickles
Prima Flowers & Butterfly
Flowers/Leaves/Misc. Flower Pieces
Wire Ribbon
Rosettes: Hand Made
Metal Tag: Basic Grey
Gems: Forever in Time
Flower Gems: Forever in Time
Font: Cricut Opposites Attract

A closer look at each page.

After the circle was cut, the edges were sanded.  Since it looked kind of plain, even with the
title, I added the butterfly, which was inked and coated with Stickles.  As it was drying
I folded the wings up so they would remain that way.  Then these cute little flower
gems were added!

I pulled a flower from my stash that had a huge open center, just waiting to be filled!
Since I had to cut the wire off one side of the ribbon and that was just sitting there begging to be
used, I twisted it into a circle to create this rosette to fill up the center.

A couple of the flowers were layered with the center piece from a bouquet that was
purchased.  I tear them all apart and use bits and pieces wherever I can!
Gems were added for the other flowers.

More of the left over wire strips that were cut from the ribbon.  I simply
twisted them in a circle and adhered them in place.  Easy peasy!

I did a lot of layering on these strips.  I started with the wire ribbon that I thought was
a bit "bold" for the layout, so I put sheer ribbon on top of it to tone it down.
A strip of border punched paper went along the bottom.  Next I used a ribbon, a strip
of patterned paper and another ribbon across the top. 

Here's a closer look at my other flower grouping. 

These leaves were from another bunch of flowers I purchased and thought they
matched so well with the flowers and the layout.
I decided to layer several different colors of flowers. 

The metal tag was left as is.  I didn't want to "dress it up" with anything.  The
wording on it is wonderful already!  :) 

I love these flowers!  I guess I'm crazy for flowers!  :) 

This shows how the flower lifts slightly off the page. 

I decided to leave the circle raised off the page because it looked much better
than adhering it down to the page and having a "bump" showing from all the layering below it.

I hope you had a wonderful day!
Libby  :)

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