Monday, September 16, 2013

I am Me

Hi there,

Here's a layout that was submitted at Soul Scrappers for their Soul Quest Me, Myself & I (SSQ18) Challenge.  You can see the challenge here.

Here's how it works:
You have to complete the requested number of challenges in order to "sign up."
Once you're signed up... you will receive FREE goodies in the mail... in which you're to use up ALL or as much as you possibly can for the challenge and added in the Gallery.

So... this challenge is all about YOU... or, I should say, ME!  :)

This is the list of goodies I received and how I used them all:

1.  Girl sticker sign x1 = On the right of my page.
2.  (Tiny) girl wood veneer x1 = On the right of my page... on the longest tag.
3.  Girl paper shape x1 = On the left of my page just below the photo... and she's all decked out.
4.  Twine = As a bow tied around the netting on my page title; as the flower centers; on two of the tags; made into a heart on the paper girl; and, as a bracelet for the paper girl.
5.  Flower shapes = Embossed, inked and the edges bent, curled and folded (on my page title, on the paper girl and on the pocket).
6. Talking/thought bubbles = One was tucked under the page title tag "I am" and the other was tucked under the upper right corner of my photo.
7.  Number "5" = Used on the longest tag and tucked into the pocket.
8.  Maroon scalloped tulle = twisted and used as a border around the pocket; threaded through the small metal tag on the pocket; gathered with needle & thread to create a skirt for the paper girl; threaded through the "I am" page title and along the top of my page.
9.  Crochet lace piece = Created into a pocket and the top portion was rolled.
10.  Assorted sequins (approx. 10) = I received 10... and several are scatted on my page; two silver ones were added on the girls' shoes and one for her bracelet.  Two darker sequins were added at the top, on each corner of the pocket; one is just above my photo on the thought bubble.


Prizes will be awarded by:
1.  One point for each embellie used = Maximum of 10 pts.
2.  If you use ALL the embellies = 2 x bonus pts.
3.  Presentation, balance and overall look = 4 pts.
4.  Creativity using embellies = 4 pts.
For a total of 20 points.

And prizes awarded for:
1st Prize
2nd Prize
3rd Prize
And, there will also be a random draw.

So, LOTS of prizes to be awarded!  How cool is that?!?!

Since this Soul Quest challenge is all about YOU, as part of the challenge you must include 5 things about yourself included in some way on your layout.

Now, here's my layout titled, "I am Me."
This is me... very close to reaching the top of Katahdin in 2010.  I decided to sit for a spell and enjoy the views (along with catching my breath)!  Hee hee!  

Other supplies used:
Paper: Colorbok "All About Me" Kit
Rick Rack
Hole Punch
Metal Embellie: Colorbok
Chipboard Word: Colorbok
Cuttlebug Embossing Folder
Ink: A la mode Blue

The flowers were embossed and an ink pad brushed over the raised areas and the edges were curled.
The maroon tulle was threaded through the tag.  One of the thought bubbles were tucked just above the flower & tag.

The tulle goes along the top of the photo and tied into a bow with twine.
Another thought bubble was tucked under the upper right of my photo with a sequin added on it.

My little paper doll was decorated with a skirt which I gathered with needle and thread then added rick rack over it... and finished it off with an embossed and inked flower.  The center of the flowers have twine wrapped in a circle.  The twine is added onto small cardstock circles and snipped along the edges so I could fold them up for some dimension.

The lace was adhered onto patterned cardstock with tulle twisted around the edges as a border.  The lace at the top of the pocket was rolled under and sequins added on each corner.  Tulle was threaded through the small metal tag that says, "Identity" and an embossed and inked flower.

The large girl sticker sign was placed to the right of the photo.  Tags were tucked into the pocket which include 5 things about me.

Here's a closer look at the cute pocket!  :)

The chipboard word was brushed with a blue ink pad... just for something different, and placed over a strip of tulle.  Then I used a heat gun to dry the ink faster.

A closer look at my paper girl.  She also has a sequin bracelet and sequins on her black patent shoes.  A heart was created out of the twine we received.

And, finally, here's what the tags look like.  I also inked around the edges of each tag too.  
This is what I wrote on each of the tags:

5 things about me:
1.  I'm proud of all I have accomplished.
2.  Laughing is what keeps me sane in this insane world.
3.  I have arachnophobia (an intense fear of spiders).
4.  I dream of being a world traveler.
5.  I love being spoiled.

I hope you enjoyed the journey about me and all the fun ways I used the embellies I received.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Soul Scrappers Design Team Member

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